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Tuesday, 21.May.2019, 7:47 AM
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10:48 PM
First Event!
Okay.. So GM: Densetu and myself have been kicking around an event idea to start the server off. So here it is. It's gonna be a 5 day event starting from the 1st day the server goes up. Their will be a 1st 2nd and 3rd place award giving out. The object of the event is who ever post the most end screen shots to the Forums under Screen shots wins. YOU HAVE TO JOIN OUR SITE AS A MEMBER TO USE THE FORUMS (if your having trouble signing up for our site try to make a new Email) Who ever has added the most at the end of the week wins.
Rules are:
#1 NO Double end SS's will count. Example- you have 5 SS's of one person it will only be counted as one. So don't bother posting more than one end of the same person.
#2 To make sure no one cheats and is making mult users to end we will be checking the levels of the people you are killing. If we find out your having friends die so you can get more end SS's or making other toons to kill you
will be disqualified from the event and givin a 3 day temp ban.
#3 If we have a tie we will judge who has the best SS. GM's have final say in this.
#4 I want full screen shots i don't a SS of just a dead person with out showing your char. there. This is to stop ppl from taking low levels to stand at a fight and take SS's claiming they killed them. Again cheating will earn you a DQ and a 3 day ban. Feel free to cover your HP/Mp/Level and AC if you dont want others to see :).
Rewards will be : 52 wep of your choice/ +1 to any Wep/ +1 any armor piece.
The 1st place gets 1st dibs on ONE of the three. 2nd will choice from the remaining 2. 3rd place gets the left overs.

Also for the lineage players who don't PvP we will be having a Best Server SS. This can be anything you want so be creative. Only one winner will be picked by us the GM's and he/she will be given the same choice as the 1st place  winner of the PvP event. They may pick one of the following prize listed above.

Please follow the rules and no cheating. So LETS have fun and Welcome to Lineage New Era.

On that note we are hoping to have the LIVE server up and running Monday at 8 EST. This will be confirmed tonight on the Tag Board before i go to bed.
-Lineage New Era Development Team-
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